Everything is a Lesson in Disguise

Everything is a lesson in disguise, but we don’t see it as such and with this in mind all we see is how unhappy we are and how we need a change. I like so many of us have and still go through this on a daily basis. It has been a struggle to get passed how I have felt towards situations and others. When something happens now or I find myself in situation I don’t like, I look for the lesson behind it so I don’t have to repeat or re-create the situation again and also I get out of it sooner because once you learn the lesson your unhappiness will fall away.

When caught in a situation you do not like take the following steps:

1. Write down how you feel about every part of what’s occurring that upsets you. Make a list and make sure you add your feelings to the list.

2. Now with every item on your list forgive yourself for acting that way towards others and make it a priority not to do it in the future. (See below for the reason behind this)

3. Forgive yourself and the other parties involved.

Now what’s with step 2 & 3? When we don’t like something it is a reflection of how we act and or perceive how we act towards others. We all want to believe that it is the other party causing us pain but take a good look at how you act towards others. To give you an example one thing I don’t like and I am sure most of us can attest to this is being told what you did was wrong or how you did it was not good enough. I found that I did the exact same thing to someone else and I caught myself while doing it. If you don’t like something why do it to someone else. Would that not make the other person who you did it to feel as if nothing is ever good enough? Would it not tell them on a subconscious level they are not good enough? It would not make them very happy.

Now I know it’s a hard pill to swallow because “they said that to me or they did that and that’s wrong,” but listen to yourself and let it go. A great technique for this is the Ho’oponopono technique. This is where you say “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.” See this website its describes the prayer perfectly. 


Sharon Lorraine Boon

Founder, Passage To Yourself



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Sharon Lorraine Boon

Sharon Lorraine Boon is an International bestselling author and motivational speaker. She is a certified life coach, alternative health practitioner and is the founder of Passage To Yourself. She teaches the Law of Attraction, Meditation and Reiki. Sharon specializes in helping people find and achieve their dreams and goals by raising their vibration and through the removal of conscious and subconscious blocks that stop them from creating the life they want. To learn more about Sharon and her company, please visit: www.passagetoyourself.com.

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