Forgiveness is one of the key’s to life’s success. When you carry grudges, anger and resentment around with you, that not only effects how you feel it effects how you live your life. For example, who wants to be around someone who is constantly angry and/or negative? I know I don’t, but how is this one of the keys to life success? The previous question sums it up “Who wants’ to around someone who is constantly angry and/or negative?”

If you want to attract more good into your life being more positive is how you do it. However not being able to let go and release the past will hold you back.

Forgiveness is hard to do; it’s not easy to let it go, especially if we feel that if we do forgive them that we are saying that it’s okay what they did. But this is not how it works. When we forgive we release us not them, you do not do it for the other party involved you do it for yourself. They don’t even need to know that you forgave them. It’s not about that, it’s about releasing your past so you can live in the present and move forward in the future.

This is the same for grief. The grieving process can take as much time or more than the forgiveness process. But each is very important to your health.

Below I have included some different techniques to help you with the forgiveness and grieving process; also as a side note, the forgiveness and grief process are usually intertwined because in some cases we lose a friend or a relative:


  1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is a tapping process, where you tap your acupuncture points while going through your feelings regarding the issue at hand.
  1. Ho’oponopono Technique. This is a Hawaiian prayer used for forgiveness and healing. There has been very positive response using this prayer.
  2. Meditation. There are very specific meditations for grieving and forgiveness issues.
  3. Crystal healing. Crystals healing can be a great help with releasing pined up emotions.
  4. The Healing Codes. This is another technique that you can use to help you in forgiveness and with grief issues.
  5. Affirmations. This is good to help do release work and can be applied to any of the above techniques.


Sharon Lorraine Boon

Founder, Passage To Yourself

About The Author

Sharon Lorraine Boon

Sharon Lorraine Boon is an International bestselling author and motivational speaker. She is a certified life coach, alternative health practitioner and is the founder of Passage To Yourself. She teaches the Law of Attraction, Meditation and Reiki. Sharon specializes in helping people find and achieve their dreams and goals by raising their vibration and through the removal of conscious and subconscious blocks that stop them from creating the life they want. To learn more about Sharon and her company, please visit:

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