We thank you for visiting this site and we take pleasure in knowing that you might find some of the information here useful to you as go along your path.  We would also like to teach you about self-discovery and why it is so important.

As we grow in our mindset and accomplish what we came here to do.  You will find that as time goes on something might be missing.  You’re not happy, you don’t feel happy; you get moments where you do feel happy like for instance your wedding day, birthday, getting a new car or toy, but not real happiness that comes from within.  Take a moment right now and feel how you feel, put a name to it.  Are you angry; are you neither happy nor sad but somewhere in between?  To feel happy does not depend on outside circumstances, though it does influence it but only if we let it.

Working with Angels has shown me that we can feel happy anytime we want.  That emotion is within us always. Try it now take a moment and feel the feeling of being happy even if you are not.  To help you get that feeling, think about all the things that put a smile on your face.  Make a list and put it everywhere to remind you of what makes you feel happy.  Carry this list with you; make it a point to search out your day to find the things that make you happy and then add it to your list.  Do this for a week and see what happens.  After a week take note on how your week went, did you have a good week or was it the same, did you feel different did people take notice of how you looked?

Happiness comes from within but it doesn’t hurt to search for things that will put a smile on your face.

Here’s a part of my list.

1. Babies laughing

2. Animals playing

3. Seeing a butterfly

4. The Sun

5. The rain (because I know it’s feeding the plants, the earth)

6. Giving a gift to someone even if you don’t know who they are

7. Reading Inspirational quotes

8. Hearing a funny joke

9. Doing something the best I can 10. Meditating


What are the things that make you feel happy?


Sharon Lorraine Boon

Founder, Passage To Yourself


About The Author

Sharon Lorraine Boon

Sharon Lorraine Boon is an International bestselling author and motivational speaker. She is a certified life coach, alternative health practitioner and is the founder of Passage To Yourself. She teaches the Law of Attraction, Meditation and Reiki. Sharon specializes in helping people find and achieve their dreams and goals by raising their vibration and through the removal of conscious and subconscious blocks that stop them from creating the life they want. To learn more about Sharon and her company, please visit: www.passagetoyourself.com.

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